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an indonesian man playing guitar on the beach in beautiful sunset in afternoon an indonesian girl wearing black clothes laughing in the jungle in afternoon a man showing sunset to his girlfriend on the beach An Indonesian Couple Holding Hand on Seashore at the Dawn, Silhouette Photo Balinese Dancers - Couple Merak Dance romantic young couple in the jungle with the light of the sun between trees A Man Laying Down and Looking for Sunrise at a Camp, Point of View Shot a girl wearing black dress leaning to her boyfriend in white flowers background a couple sitting on a black sofa in the Prewedding Indoor the silly face of baby boy without clothes wedding couple in the jungle embracing each other some students getting shock when open the book in a dark room a woman wearing blue dress standing in the middle of the street in rural region  an indonesian model wearing red black sexy dress sitting on the white seat in the backyard of the temple a little girl holding her doll smilling in the black white picture a woman breeder holding her little daughter on a goat farm in black white pictures a candid picture of a beautiful woman wearing blue hat and black dress in the garden old thin fisherman on the beach in the dusk happiness face of children sitting together in front house a man bride wearing white shirt taking photo of his woman sitting in the spacious yard a young man wearing black shirt looking to the sky sitting on the seat feel relax in the garden a pair wearing batik looking to the screen of camera together in the garden a child holding his ball playing in the garden the silhouette of couple holding hands each other in the blue sky a liitle boy standing in the middle of the rice fields one boy and two little girls playing sand on the beach two boys and a little girl playing sand together on the beach