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Mountain Bike gymnastics of women in the courtyard on sunday morning a indonesian man wearing black white shoes and black pants walking  on the sidewalk in afternoon Three Indonesian Men Walking at Running Track After Exercising makepung (the tradition of cow racing in bali) a foreign football player in indonesian's league running in the training in afternoon a foreign football player of Borneo Fc in the training session an Indonesian football Player controlling the ball in the training session in afternoon  Shane Smeltz 5 - Borneo FC Training traditional races by two cows and one jockey in the muddy fields west Sumatera Indonesia Three Rider Jump With Their Motorcycle at Motocross Racing Shane Smeltz 2 - Borneo Fc Training Shane Smeltz - Borneo FC Training Matheus H Lopez - Borneo FC Training Pacu Jawi Indonesian boy learns to run the cows by his brother spirit a man sit looking to the sky on the track run in tha stadium's football in afternoon Rock Climbing Cow Race Pool Stair Leonard Tupamahu - Persiba Vs BorneoFC (LIGA1) Flavio BJ - Semen Padang Vs.Borneo FC (LIGA1) Flavio BJ - BorneoFC Training GBLA Stadium the boy does a trick with his skateboard drop-in 50-50 at mini park jakarta an athletes of skydiving in the bright sky Backfilp into the Sun two indonesian mothers wearing hijab teaching her child to sports climbing in the playground A Man Laying Down and Looking for Sunrise at a Camp, Point of View Shot