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A portrait of javanese A portrait of elder wearing traditional clothes Sun A drop of water hanging on the edge of a leaf Water droplets falling on leaves Police officers make way for the convoy Sunset view at seashore beautiful Birds hanging on fence in the morning ships parking at the dock A fisherman bringing spearfishing at seashore A fisherman fishing at seashore using spear A group of kids studying together reading a book Car lights in the night traffic Sparking carousel lights at carnival beautiful Amazing sky view at sunrise Sunset view on the sea at Ternate, Maluku Utara Sunset view at seashore beautiful Beautiful harbor to watch in sunset Beautiful beach portrait at sunset Indonesian man praying in mosque together Indonesian men gathering around wearing traditional clothes Indonesian fisherman preparing for fishing by boats Lovely old rustic black oven A man crossing the bridge in Jakarta Indonesian waitress serving food for customers at restaurant A portrait of crossing bidge in Jakarta Indonesia Beautiful City View Portrait Out The Window At Sunset Building Medium and large cups of coffee at cafe Indonesian Man Riding Bicycle Carrying Wooden Basket Beautiful Indonesian Hijab Girl posing pretty on the building rooftop