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Masjid Agung Jawa Tengah - Great Mosque of Central Java JPG156923 Morning dew on the grass The River Sunset at sanur beach bali Ship in the middle of the sea Green upland cliffs Lake surrounded by flowers View of the mountain from the lowlands Nature Panorama GWK statue at Bali Indonesia A peace of lily flowers Tiny Weed Flowers Fine day with beach view and blue sky Beautiful view from Sofifi Island Waterfall from the high plateau Bridge to the middle of the sea Sunset in Gangga Island Purple Flowers in a Dreamy Look Embung kledung  java in Indonesia Sunset at the beach 140412 DSC02290LR2500x Night light in the city Indonesian Catholic Church Book in a Dreamy Look in Yellow Flower Bush 140412 DSC02227LR2500x Horse's searching some food Nona Mountain, enrekang - South Sulawesi