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Beautiful City View Portrait Out The Window At Sunset Building Indonesian Kids Looking Out Window Smiling Together Best Friends Unique architecture in white black photography three doves perching on the roof of the house in the afternoon infrastructure development near the river bokeh's light in the mirror the circles stairs of building from above a view densely populated settlements from above in the afternoon in Jakarta a old big building in classic photo crowded city with rainbow In Jakarta with skyline in the afternoon outbound instructions in a building food carts "chiker bandung'' on the roadside two green canaries facing each other in the cage An Old White Building with Indonesia Flag on it latchs of  windows Seashells in a Bottle Activity in Barbershop, Outside Viewed Through Glass Window a window from traditional house in Indonesia ancient buildings with indonesian's flag on the roadside old buildings with graffiti on the wall a wooden door with iron fence looking ancient a man in black standing from long distance in a tunnel several women wearing  traditional clothing of Minangkabau playing gendang and talempong in front "Rumah Gadang"  in the afternoon Colorful basket arena of School An Indonesian Boy Wearing Hat Looking Out From a Wooden Window with A Sad Face a pregnant woman wearing white shirt laugh holding her baby in the wooden house at the window parking area in a building Flies Making Love on a leaf in the rain Traditional house of West Sumatera "Rumah Gadang" minangkabau A Small Traditional Tricycle Parked in Front of Bus Stop