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Bunglon sawah, Lizard garden Bunglon sawah, garden Lizard Bunglon sawah, garden lizard A bee on the plant in the garden green leaf A secret life of mother a snail hanging on a branch of a tree disguising of a green grasshopper on leaves in the jungle a farmer shepherding cows in the middle of the rice field in afternoon a pair of orange butterflies in the garden in afternoon a small green white frog perching on a small wooden branch in the jungle small turtle in the swamp a beautiful butterfly on the flower a yellow canary in a cage A Brown White Dog Looking at the Camera in the Garden in the Afternoon green iguana a snail walking on the mossy wood in the jungle a heron  standing on the edge of the small lake a white crane standing on the rock in the swamp a Beautiful Bird Standing On A Mossy Stone Under The Green Leaves Look at the mirror a white heron standing in a swamp in afternoon Mating love a brown white eagle  eating his prey above a wooden branch a green frog on a banana leaf in the garden in afternoon silhouette picture of a bird perching on dead twigs buffalo hordes back to the cage in the afternoon a brown spider  on a leaf two green canaries facing each other in the cage