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Indonesian waitress serving food for customers at restaurant Indonesian rickshaw man waiting for the customer  shaking hands between a female docter wearing white blazer and her patient A Liitle girl indonesian wearing moeslim clothes smilling next to a green bag in the garden in afternoon An Indonesian Burger Man Selling Cheese Burger on His Stand a pedicab driver waiting for passengers Old Indonesian Man with Becak waiting for passengers in the market A Little Girl Waiting and Looking Outside of Her Home A Man waiting for customers in PASTY Market (Traditional  market selling and buy animals) Bantul, Yogyakarta An Indonesian Farmer Wearing Farmer's Hat Sitting Alone on A Small Path Between Rice Field An Indonesian Seller Waiting for Buyer at The Street to buy Palmyra Fruits which Hanged and Packed in Plastic Bags An Indonesian Man Taking a Shelter Under A Tree and Waiting for The Rain to Stop, Black and White Photo Indonesian Man Wearing Hat Pulling His Suitcase and Box at Train Platform Towards Certain Cars An Indonesian Boy Sitting Alone on A Old Wooden Wagon Under The Tree At A Small Path An Indonesian girl Raising Her Right hand At the Side Road, Back Photo Viewed An Indonesian Man Fishing with Fishing Rod on A Rock At the Seashore Spider on Its Spiderweb, Closeup Photo An Indonesian Man Sitting on a Rock Looked at the Sea At Wane Beach, Nusa Tenggara, Back Photo View A Yellow Butterfly Out from a Cocoon Which Hanging on a Stem, Closeup Photo An Indonesian Kid Staring Outside The Window in Raining Day