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A girl doing traditional dance Kuda Lumping A beautiful girl dancing traditional dance for a show Mix of Fruits on the wooden table white bucket full of water belonging a paddle Culture of Bali dance Topeng Prembon fresh vegetables and a fly in traditional Indonesian mark in the afternoon fresh tomatoes in traditional Indonesian market potatoes in traditional indonesian mark in afternoon fresh bananas on the Indonesian traditional market watermelons ready to sell  in the traditional market pieces of red chili with soy sauce Crowded People on The Street Watching A Big Traditional Doll With Human Inside from Jakarta, Indonesia Called Ondel-Ondel Garlic on a wooden table Eggs in a bowl on a wooden table to making a cake Onion, Chili, Eggplant, Tomato and Celery on Rustic Background, Close Photo Berry tree in the garden red wine in white background a sprig of wine in black background a woman bride wearing yellow dress sitting in the garden of temple under the shine Insonesian food "nasi tibel" garlic, red onion, Cayenne pepper and tomato are spices of kitchen cakes shaping love Fresh cauliflower  in the traditional market garlic Some Green Cucumber, Flat Lay Closeup Photo Red cayenne pepper and Red chili pepper red chili Tari Perang-min Tari Perang (2)-min