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A portrait of a snail adheres to a stone a small pure waterfall in the river in the jungle a big bee perching on a leaf in the garden a pair of beetles that make love. adorable face from an indonesian little girl with rabbit teeth wearing pink glasses in the playground a little girl adorable wearing white jacket and  pink funny glasses  smilling in the playground two small siblings wearing blue shirt laughing together in the playground in afternoon a small green white frog perching on a small wooden branch in the jungle small turtle in the swamp An Indonesian Man Cooking Traditionally in Small Kitchen a child playing smarthphone  at home An Indonesian Boy Wearing Pink Headset, Listening To the Music from His Phone Ekspresion of spirit Solidariti of teamwork A Beautiful Butterfly perching  on the small blue flower in the garden a heron  standing on the edge of the small lake a beautiful little girl smilling  fashionable style in the studio An Indonesian Man Sell Cotton Candy on the Small Stall at The Street a group of small children wearing uniforms in the forest salute pose a small fire in the dry leaves in the dark night An Indonesian Boy Riding Bicycle Staring to the Sky in a Small Road At the Night A Small Waterfall and River in The Middle of Tropical Forest, Long Exposure Photo An Indonesian Boy Peeking From a Wood Pillar, Topless A Brown Pomeranian Dog Face Portrait, Side View Photo