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Sad Girl Sitting Alone in a Corner Ocean Sunrise Perahu Tradisional two boats in the sea close to the hill a beautiful sunset on the rocky beach in bali a snail walking on the mossy wood in the jungle A Dirty Blue Boat On The Lake Background Forest and Sunset. beautiful views of sandy beaches with green islands in Bali in the afternoon a shack house in the sea close to the beach in the afternoon Reflection Mount Maitara and the beautiful coast of Ternate North Maluku the silhouette of a man playing guitar and woman wearing hijab sitting together Indonesian Farmers work on lake to fix freshwater fish cages Deer is alone to find a friend in Shandy forest a shadow of man standing on the beach in afternoon An Indonesian Fisherman Throwing a Fishing Nets to The Lake silhouette pictures of two men sitting under a tree enjoying the sunset the silhouette of some men standing at the building looking to the scenery from above a woman breeder holding her little daughter on a goat farm in black white pictures A Ditch Between Rice Field in The Village at Sunset View a big Bonsai tree in the ocean sunset on the beach among coconut tree a big tree at the top of the hill An Old Tree Without Leaves, Sepia Color of Sky Lonely Woman Wearing A Hat Sitting Alone In A Park Under A Tree In The Afternoon