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a hand of a doctor touching the monitor of smartphone     a young girl wearing black shirt smile giving sign two on her finger  a young girl wearing black shirt giving sign four on her finger  a girl laughing happy sitting on the red sofa an indonesian woman teenager thinking holding a book and a pen a little family taking selfie in the playground a little girl wearing colorful dress playing swing in the playground in afternoon two women and behind them there is a man walk playing smartphone on the street in afternoon a ceremony of Indonesian children wearing pramuka uniform in the morning An Indonesian Burger Man Selling Cheese Burger on His Stand a old man indonesia wearing glasses and blue box shirt sitting on the sidewalk pensively between traders and children in the afternoon a old big building in classic photo a beautiful indonesian girl wearing white sweater candid smilling  in the parking area in afternoon two male students and a female studen wearing Pramuka Clothes learning in the park a group of small children wearing uniforms in the forest salute pose A child learns to write in front of his house Indonesia Elementary Students Wearing Uniforms Studying in a Classroom 2 Small Children Wear Scout Uniforms and Hijab Brush Their Teeth in the Schoolyard a boy almost finishing his cracker in the race event to celebrate indepence of indonesia ancient buildings with indonesian's flag on the roadside old buildings with graffiti on the wall a baby looking to the bubbles holding his toy sitting on blue facbric in the backyard An Indonesian Boy Sitting and Writing in a Book on The Wooden Table  With A Black Pen, View Over Shoulder children in elementary school the woman of minangnese playing traditional art in the frontyard of Rumah Gadang several women wearing  traditional clothing of Minangkabau playing gendang and talempong in front "Rumah Gadang"  in the afternoon An Indonesian Girl Wearing Elementary Uniform and Pink Backpack Looking to The Camera in V Pose Under Her Chin Portrait