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two young people with white shirt and black pants riding bicycle in the traffic gymnastics of women in the courtyard on sunday morning party of yellow colour run in the morning a indonesian handsome guy smilling on his blue vespa on the street in afternoon Snail and raining a foreign football player in indonesian's league running in the training in afternoon a foreign football player of Borneo Fc in the training session an Indonesian football Player controlling the ball in the training session in afternoon  Shane Smeltz 5 - Borneo FC Training Shane Smeltz 2 - Borneo Fc Training Shane Smeltz - Borneo FC Training Matheus H Lopez - Borneo FC Training a guy who yoga's training facing to ocean on the beach an indonesian girl posing in the middle of traffic between tall building in the night an indonesian boy repairing his white bicycle on the roadside in the afternoon the silhouette of woman standing under the light of the sun in park An Indonesian Man Taking a Shelter Under A Tree and Waiting for The Rain to Stop, Black and White Photo Flavio BJ - BorneoFC Training Patrich Wanggai - BorneoFC Training Liga1 Diego Michelis - BorneoFC Training Liga1 baby brown bot An Indonesian Kid Staring Outside The Window in Raining Day Three Indonesian Papua Boy Under One Big Umbrella While Raining