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A chameleon standing on a branch of tree at garden A cat takes a nap on tree trunks in the afternoon Sunlight hiding behind tree trunk in the morning A portrait of  a tree in the centre of rice field at sunset A picture of cocoon hanging on the branch in the morning A big cocoon of Bijal catepillar hanging on the tree branch A big caterpillar hanging on branch looking for food A beautiful view of a tree of the sea at sunset Beautiful beach portrait at sunset Fresh red flower in the garden A lizard hanging on the tree branch in the garden An image of a bunch of wood log tree ring A beautiful of nature panorama river and trees White boat parking on the sandy beach A beautiful view of a beach at sunset The only tree that standing in that place A bird eating  papaya on tree branch Wonderful Belitung island in Sumatera Indonesia Samber Gelap Island, South Borneo, Indonesia Lengkuas island in Bangka Belitung, Sumatera Samber Gelap Island, South Borneo, Indonesia A blue white boat on the lake a small pure waterfall in the river in the jungle the scenery of beautiful sunset in the dusk in a fish pond in the middle of rice fields a big bee perching on a leaf in the garden the scenery of beautiful rocky beach from the rock hill