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a man holding seeing a orange folder with his left hand and holding his chin with his left hand at the office the face of indonesian man wearing glasses in black shirt and red tie a man with glasses wearing black shirt and red tie pointing something with his left hand and his right hand holding a phone a man with glasses wearing black shirt and red tie getting called and dizzy  holding his head a man smilling giving sign "loser" with his finger" a young man wearing black shirt, red tie and glasses giving sign "OKE" with his finger a man with glasses wearing black shirt and red tie is talking on the phone a man talking on the call with his phone a man looking to his wristwatch on his left hand a man with glasses wearing black shirt and red tie putting his right hand in the pocket and looking cynical to the camera a man looks like a manager in a company standing open  his red laptop red rose flower in the water a mother from Papua is breastfeeding her child at home crack feeding competition in August17th to Celebrate the independence day Indonesia Traveling up the mountain with horses in the beautiful mountain of Bromo Indonesia Indonesian boy learns to run the cows by his brother spirit a hand's girl  with red snail holding a red flower an indonesian girl wearing traditional clothes smilling to the camera in the temple in afternoon the boy does a trick with his skateboard drop-in 50-50 at mini park jakarta a young man wearing a hat and necklace working hard in the afternoon in black white picture a girl wearing black dress standing in the smoke of the dark the little family of pin needles a pair wearing batik looking to the screen of camera together in the garden an indonesian sexy girl wearing red dress sleeping on the red fabric a red thorn rose potrait in the garden the silhouette of couple holding hands each other in the blue sky a girl with Retro Fashion sitting on a wooden table at the cafe