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Beautiful Sunrise In Sikunir Hill And Couple Touris Are Taking Photo One By One A pair of swans swimming on the lake in the city forest A couple of bee perching on a flower eating nectar together A romantic couple of students smiling each other A couple of students angry each other A portrait of couple holding hands bringing child shoes romantic Indonesian Young couple laughing together happy Indonesian couple taking a photo shoot plants on the old wooden cart on the roadside Indonesian Children looking at the camera with their style shrubs background in the afternoon a indonesian man wearing black white shoes and black pants walking  on the sidewalk in afternoon the bride is happy when her wishes come true to marry him an indonesian couple looking each other in the region full colour in afternoon A Man in Grey Suit and A Women in Wedding Dress At Altar Wedding Ceremony a man showing sunset to his girlfriend on the beach An Indonesian Couple Holding Hand on Seashore at the Dawn, Silhouette Photo Balinese Dancers - Couple Merak Dance a girl wearing black dress leaning to her boyfriend in white flowers background a nail on the mouth of crocodile in the river in afternoon a man bride wearing white shirt taking photo of his woman sitting in the spacious yard