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Seorang Wanita Dayak dan Budayanya Yang Menyatu Dengan Alam Borneo A kitten hiding behind tree branch playing alone A kitty hanging on tree branch playing alone A cute kitty cat staring at something alone An amazing scenery of Candi Borobudur at Magelang Indonesia A girl with red jacket smiling at someone beautifully A photo of long hair girl smiles at someone A girl smiles at someone winks her eye A girl mads at someone with crossed arms A girl with angry face points at someone mad A girl winks at someone wearing glasses Long hair girl with glasses looked angry at someone mad A lonely fly hanging on a leaf alone An ancient temple Sam Poo Kong in Semarang Indonesia A great portrait of national monument of Monas in Jakarta A white tiger laying down on grass land staring at something A white parrot bird standing on a tree stem A black parrot standing on a tree at zoo A view of Jakarta City at night light building A landscape of buildings at Jakarta capital city Indonesia A view of buildings in the afternoon at Jakarta, Indonesia An amazing view of Jakarta, Indonesia at sunset A landscape of Istiqlal mosque at Jakarta, Indonesia Plants grow vine on the abandoned wall all over the window A portrait of abandoned window with plants grow vine the wall A photo of abandoned window with plant grows vine on the wall Reflection of people A landscape of mosque yard in the morning Keraton sambas historical building at Pontianak, Kerambas Properties of Keraton Sambas historical cannon gun Indonesia, Pontianak