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the smile of an indonesian little girl a hand of a doctor hoding  smarthphone and  her equipment  on the blue table Indonesian doctor holding a tablet computer wearing stethoscope a girl wearing black shirt giving sign OKE with two her hands a girl giving sign OKE with two her hands a lady wearing black shirt with long hair smile giving sign Peace with her hands metal pose from a pretty girl wearing black shirt a girl with long black hair wearing black hair giving sign loser with her left hand  a young girl wearing black shirt touching her nose         a young girl wearing orange shirt drinking a glass of water a big white cat walking on the grass in the backyard A Brown White Dog Looking at the Camera in the Garden in the Afternoon a street white kitten looking at the camera close up in the slum area in afternoon traditional races by two cows and one jockey in the muddy fields west Sumatera Indonesia a man standing between two cows racing in traditional art "pacu jawi" in west sumatera in afternoon beautiful indonesian girl wearing black shirt closing her eyes leaning  in the night