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bokeh's light in the mirror used roof tiles a ceremony of Indonesian children wearing pramuka uniform in the morning two male students and a female studen wearing Pramuka Clothes learning in the park 2 Small Children Wear Scout Uniforms and Hijab Brush Their Teeth in the Schoolyard gravel in the afternoon a wooden door with iron fence looking ancient An Indonesian Man Look Seriously to The Camera, Half Face Closeup Potrait An Indonesian Man Washing His Face With Water From Tap Water Before He Pray An Indonesian Boy From Fatumnasi, NTT Looking at The Camera and Smiling, Closeup Photo An Indonesian Soldier in Green Uniform, Purple Bandana and Painted Face in Guard Position a green leaf between dry leaves in the jungle a boat in the middle of ocean in the evening purple on the floor Sad Face of Indonesian Old Woman Wearing Hijab, Close Up in Black and White Portrait wooden floor a farmer wearing hat squatting in the field from above Flies Making Love on a leaf in the rain amazing views of Clean Beach in the afternoon a red lotus petal Sad Face Of A Beautiful Indonesian Woman Wearing Hijab, Close Up Portrait Indonesian Woman Wearing Hijab Applying Makeup Nose Contouring Shoes Selfie