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 an Indonesian young girl with long hair wearing orange shirt holding a tissue getting sneezing an indonesian hijab fashionable girl sitting looking to the camera under  big tree  in the park in afternoon a muslimah girl fashionable looking at the camera sitting on the grass in the park a woman farmer picking chili in the fields adorable face from an indonesian little girl with rabbit teeth wearing pink glasses in the playground a little girl adorable wearing white jacket and  pink funny glasses  smilling in the playground a little family taking selfie in the playground two small siblings wearing blue shirt laughing together in the playground in afternoon three young girl wearing Indonesian traditional clothes deliver  indonesian traditional dance on the beach a little girl wearing colorful dress playing swing in the playground in afternoon An Indonesian Man Cooking Traditionally in Small Kitchen an indonesian mother wearing hijab holding her daughter in the afternoon several children praying in hinduism in Bali very tempting rolls so that children are interested in buying two male students and a female studen wearing Pramuka Clothes learning in the park a group of small children wearing uniforms in the forest salute pose a boy almost finishing his cracker in the race event to celebrate indepence of indonesia crack feeding competition in August17th to Celebrate the independence day Indonesia an indonesian couple looking each other in the region full colour in afternoon a baby looking to the bubbles holding his toy sitting on blue facbric in the backyard a minangkabau man wearing traditional cloth blowing flute in the waterfall in afternoon an adorable baby on the bet a little papuan girls with brown hair looking at the camera indonesian child