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A lonely fly hanging on a leaf alone Sad Girl Sitting Alone in a Corner a snail walking on the mossy wood in the jungle A Dirty Blue Boat On The Lake Background Forest and Sunset. beautiful view rice fields and several coconut trees mountain background  in the morning in Indonesia the silhouette of a man playing guitar and woman wearing hijab sitting together Indonesian Farmers feed the fish on freshwater fish cages Indonesian Farmers work on lake to fix freshwater fish cages Deer is alone to find a friend in Shandy forest a shadow of man standing on the beach in afternoon silhouette pictures of two men sitting under a tree enjoying the sunset the silhouette of some men standing at the building looking to the scenery from above a big Bonsai tree in the ocean sunset on the beach among coconut tree a big tree at the top of the hill Lonely Woman Wearing A Hat Sitting Alone In A Park Under A Tree In The Afternoon