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Grasshopper hiding behind green grass A snail walking on stone in the garden Foggy Green Hill View In The Morning Beautiful Nature Beautiful Green Cactus Flowers In The Pot Colorful Stone Morning dew on the grass Indonesian fatty boy wearing green shirt Green upland cliffs View of the mountain from the lowlands Nature Panorama A peace of lily flowers Tiny Weed Flowers Embung kledung  java in Indonesia Rice fields view in the afternoon Indonesian Girl wearing sun glasses holding a rose given by someone The only tree that standing in that place A Single Leaf on Brick Pavement Pretty Indonesian girl sitting on a stone reading red book wearing white dress Beautiful Indonesian Girl sitting on the edge of Streamflow reading book alone a small pure waterfall in the river in the jungle the scenery of beautiful sunset in the dusk in a fish pond in the middle of rice fields Potted Purple Flowers in a Garden Leaves after Rain A Splash of Color from Orange Flowers on Grey Background A Splash of Color from Orange Flowers on Grey Background Grape Juice a big bee perching on a leaf in the garden the scenery of beautiful rocky beach from the rock hill beautiful pink  frangipani flowers in the garden