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Katedral church in Indonesia  Maria statue in Indonesian church Indonesian Catholic Church three doves perching on the roof of the house in the afternoon tourist visiting castle in the afternoon visitors watching borobudur temple with lamp decoration in the night party of yellow colour run in the morning MG9786 a old big building in classic photo the silhouette of city buildings and the river in sunset Kathedral church in jakarta Kota Tua region in jakarta in the day ancient buildings with indonesian's flag on the roadside diversity in Indonesian's unity old buildings with graffiti on the wall candle light in the dark traditional house of west sumatera "rumah gadang" in istano pagaruyuang batusangkar two wooden boats parking on the riverside in the dusk the light of sunrise between the gaps of trees in the park a man in black standing from long distance in a tunnel the woman of minangnese playing traditional art in the frontyard of Rumah Gadang a candle burns in the dark of night two bali's boys wearing traditional clothes laughing together the silhouette of several people on the big rock enjoying the sunset of the beach beautiful scenery of  mountain and  green hills with sunrise fishing boat of fisherman a candle in a glass lights up  in the dark