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A silhouette of mantis in the garden at sunset backlight photography A snail walking on stone in the garden A lizard hanging on the tree branch in the garden White blossom flower in the garden Praying mantis between blossom flowers at the graden Pretty white orchid flowers at garden Beautiful yellow flowers and butterflies at garden A peace of lily flowers Tiny Weed Flowers Indonesian Girl wearing sun glasses holding a rose given by someone a flower reflection on the dew drops Book on a Park Bench in Black and White Pretty Indonesian girl sitting on a stone reading red book wearing white dress Beautiful Indonesian Girl sitting on the edge of Streamflow reading book alone Potted Purple Flowers in a Garden Leaves after Rain A Splash of Color from Orange Flowers on Grey Background A Splash of Color from Orange Flowers on Grey Background a big bee perching on a leaf in the garden Double exposure flowers a pair of beetles that make love. a big tiger playing water on the edge of the lake at the zoo a big tiger standing on the edge of the rocky lake in the afternoon sumatra tiger sumatra tiger a tiger drinking water on the edge of the lake beautiful pink  frangipani flowers in the garden