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Wonderful Belitung island in Sumatera Indonesia Samber Gelap Island, South Borneo, Indonesia Lengkuas island in Bangka Belitung, Sumatera Samber Gelap Island, South Borneo, Indonesia a female puppet holding a phone taking selfie picture with five other female puppets in an event an indonesian teenager girl wearing black shirt with long hair laughing close her face  a beautiful girl wearing black shirt with long hair giving sign STOP with her right hand  shaking hands between a female docter wearing white blazer and her patient  A female docter shaking hands with somebody  a girl giving sign Love in her hand  a girl sleeping on the red sofa with her black headseat on her ear  an Indonesian young beautiful girl smilling holding a tooth brush two small siblings wearing blue shirt laughing together in the playground in afternoon a sexy teenager  woman and a little girl sitting on the street kidding each other in the parking area a beautiful girl closing a half of her face with her right hand a beautiful indonesian girl wearing white sweater candid smilling  in the parking area in afternoon an indonesian female  holding a book on a beautiful lake two male students and a female studen wearing Pramuka Clothes learning in the park Indonesian Female Traditional Bali Dancer During Makeup A Monkey Family on a Tree at Tropical Rain Forest Indonesian Female Farmer Wearing Hat Farming Indonesia Elementary Students Wearing Uniforms Studying in a Classroom a ciblek bird is chirping on a wooden branch in the morning in park two Indonesian Female farmers planting rice in the fields in the afternoon several female students walking and kidding each other at the port A Father in Blue Clothes and Jeans Holding His Baby beside His Wife With Blue Hijab While Sitting on the Grass at the Park A Female Orangutan with Baby A Man Laying Down and Looking for Sunrise at a Camp, Point of View Shot a little papuan girls with brown hair looking at the camera Female Orangutan with the Baby