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Lighting lamp in the evening beautifully Skyline Fiery Dance Jakarta Scape Sunset at the beach Playing at the Beach in the evening sunset views from the bush infrastructure development near the river beautiful sunset on the beach in Bengkulu Indonesia visitors watching borobudur temple with lamp decoration in the night beautifil sunset on the beach In Bali the silhouette of children playing swing on the pool Jakarta sunset in the dark crowded city with rainbow In Jakarta with skyline in the afternoon bokeh stars's bokeh light in the night three farmers  planting rice in the rice fields in the afternoon the runners party after color run white fortuner in the rocky terrain in sunset the silhouette of city buildings and the river in sunset beautiful scenery of sunset on the big rocky beach several people who camping enjoying the sunset at the peak beautiful sunrise in the mountains panderman batu a climber and the sunlight from between forest white cloud at the top of mountain in the light of sunset three children enjoying the sunset have fun together on the beach a guy who yoga's training facing to ocean on the beach Pine forests a young man holding a woman bag and bringing the camera walking in the middle of the large plains lot of people on the parangitis beach watching sunset a big pool in front of the Mousque, Annur