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Grasshopper hiding behind green grass Beautiful red flower with morning dew Morning dew on the grass Embung kledung  java in Indonesia Leaves after Rain disguising of a green grasshopper on leaves in the jungle sunset views from the bush Beautiful scenery with lake and mountain background temanggung west java tourism in sunset bokeh's light in the mirror DSC0194 bokeh light in the night Snail and raining a indonesian moeslim woman wearing pink dress fashionable smilling in the middle of the dead grass in the afternoon Street light bokeh with Retro Color in the night a ciblek bird is chirping on a wooden branch in the morning in park water splash of tomato in the glass with blue light in the dark a hand's girl  with red snail holding a red flower Pine forests the silhouette of forest and light of sunset a big Cepot doll in an festival on the street an adorable baby on the bet bokeh light of a grass a glass of coffe milk on the cup a yellow snail standing on the turtle that swimming on the swamp in the afternoon red withered Flowerdens in the garden Two Children are Hugging and Playing Around on the Street with Soap Bubble Flies Making Love on a leaf in the rain dew on a stem dew