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A beautiful girl wears traditional costume and plays music an Indonesian young girl with long hair wearing black shirt and wristwatch on her left hand laughing closing her face an indonesian hijab fashionable girl sitting looking to the camera under  big tree  in the park in afternoon a muslimah girl fashionable looking at the camera sitting on the grass in the park three young girl wearing Indonesian traditional clothes deliver  indonesian traditional dance on the beach gymnastics of women in the courtyard on sunday morning an indonesian mother wearing hijab holding her daughter in the afternoon Culture of Bali dance Topeng Prembon showing of mask puppets indonesian in the afternoon an old man indonesian wearing black hat and batik cutting tempe in traditional market in the afternoon a beautiful little girl smilling  fashionable style in the studio  a pair of ondel ondel statues in a building in jakarta Indonesia a man among several runners wearing yellow clothes laughing in the Jakarta colour run in the morning. Traditional Javanese Woman Using Henna and Batik a girl wearing traditional clothing  in festival  traditional indonesia in the afternoon the statue of ondel ondel with red mask and blue clothes on the street in afternoon Beautiful Indonesian Woman Reog Dance at Bali Traditional Ceremony