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People doing marching band at local festival Julien Faubert some men showing KUDA LUMPING in the middle of society in an event in the afternoon two young people with white shirt and black pants riding bicycle in the traffic gymnastics of women in the courtyard on sunday morning Children in Crackers Eating Competition Celebrating Indonesia Independence Day Fun Competition Using Balloons During Indonesia Independence Day a man standing between two cows racing in traditional art "pacu jawi" in west sumatera in afternoon crack feeding competition in August17th to Celebrate the independence day Indonesia an indonesian girl posing in the middle of traffic between tall building in the night an indonesian boy repairing his white bicycle on the roadside in the afternoon the silhouette of woman standing under the light of the sun in park a mother holding her baby in the sunset Indonesian Men Lift His Friend in A Team to Win Climbing Slippery Pole Competition to Celebrate Independence Day An Indonesian Girl Open Her Mouth Trying to Bite Hanged White Crackers Without Hands in Eating Competition to Celebrate Independence Day a hand holding colored crayon pencils on the purple fabric views of rice fields and mountains in the afternoon  a racer of mountain bike jumping in the race with his bike in the arena Two Indonesian Boys Bite a Steel Spoon with Their Mouth and Transfer a Marbles on It as a Competition to Celebrate Independence Day, Called Lomba Kelereng a child holding his ball playing in the garden a little boy playing by himself in the field a female student riding a motorcycle with one rear view motor Children are Playing Tug of War to Celebrate Indonesia Independence Day a teenager man squatting taking selfie on the beach an indonesian young man with frizzy hair in classic style riding a red old motorcycle in futsal arena A Man In Red Soccer Uniform Wearing Yellow Shoes Ready to Kick The Ball in Front of Him, in The Field .a man jumping holding Indonesian flag at the top of the mountain