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A beautiful portrait of Lawang Sewu Semarang at Night Skyline Fiery Dance Jakarta Scape infrastructure development near the river tourist visiting castle in the afternoon visitors watching borobudur temple with lamp decoration in the night a view densely populated settlements from above in the afternoon in Jakarta a old big building in classic photo crowded city with rainbow In Jakarta with skyline in the afternoon bokeh stars's bokeh light in the night the silhouette of city buildings and the river in sunset Kathedral church in jakarta Kota Tua region in jakarta in the day a window from traditional house in Indonesia several people who camping enjoying the sunset at the peak sailboat in gili trawangan Fatahillah Museum and City Hall at Kota Tua, Jakarta in Black and White Photo a big pool in front of the Mousque, Annur a man sit looking to the sky on the track run in tha stadium's football in afternoon two wooden boats parking on the riverside in the dusk a fishing boat in the middle og ocean with the bright sky in the afternoon fly over in the dusk with sunset's glow Sei Carang bridge in sunset much blue boat fish at the muncar port in the afternoon the silhouette of several people on the big rock enjoying the sunset of the beach old fishing Boats parking on the river a statue of a man holding a flag facing to the beach in sunset beautiful scenery of  mountain and  green hills with sunrise fishing boat of fisherman