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a young lady doctor wearing white blazer and holding a blue book giving advise to her  patient who wearing glasses  a girl sleeping on the red sofa with her black headseat on her ear a muslimah girl fashionable looking at the camera sitting on the grass in the park a woman farmer picking chili in the fields a girl wearing jeans jacket smile holding smartphone in the playground in afternoon a pair sitting on the tire seat taking wefie  in the playground in afternoon a little family taking selfie in the playground an old father fishing in the river standing on the bridge in afternoon two small siblings wearing blue shirt laughing together in the playground in afternoon three young girl wearing Indonesian traditional clothes deliver  indonesian traditional dance on the beach a little girl wearing colorful dress playing swing in the playground in afternoon two women and behind them there is a man walk playing smartphone on the street in afternoon an indonesian mother wearing hijab holding her daughter in the afternoon several children praying in hinduism in Bali an old man indonesian wearing black hat and batik cutting tempe in traditional market in the afternoon a sexy teenager  woman and a little girl sitting on the street kidding each other in the parking area two male students and a female studen wearing Pramuka Clothes learning in the park two women balinese wearing traditional clothing holding sesajen in the temple several women sitting on the floor smilling look up to the camera in the office a man try to Finding a signal to his phone in parking area a minang man playing the drum in an event three children enjoying the sunset have fun together on the beach a boy almost finishing his cracker in the race event to celebrate indepence of indonesia crack feeding competition in August17th to Celebrate the independence day Indonesia diversity in Indonesian's unity an Indonesian girl wearing blue shirt  looking cynical to the camera in the garden near with roadside in afternoon a young pair stand looking each other with little smoke in the middle of the jungle several female students walking and kidding each other at the port