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Indonesian man praying in mosque together Someone praying to Jesus christ and Maria statue Indonesian Catholic Church Old Man Grey Hair Praying Kneels in Church three doves perching on the roof of the house in the afternoon  an indonesian young girl wearing black shirt praying in Islam several children praying in hinduism in Bali a Indonesian beautiful girl wearing Moeslim clothes looking praying at to the sky in the afternoon Balinese wearing traditional clothes facing to the sea  praying on the beach in the afternoon a girl wearing traditional clothing  in festival  traditional indonesia in the afternoon Kathedral church in jakarta candle light in the dark a candle burns in the dark of night two bali's boys wearing traditional clothes laughing together A Hand With Black Sleeves in Prayer Position, Blue Background Candle in the dark a candle in a glass lights up  in the dark Tourism "Jam Gadang" in Bukittinggi, West Sumatera Traditional house of West Sumatera "Rumah Gadang". A Hindu Temple in Batam, Night View a guest room in a luxurious home Two Indonesian Women Riding A Yellow Motorcycle on A Wet Street Chinese statue  in imlek