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a flower reflection on the dew drops disguising of a green grasshopper on leaves in the jungle small turtle in the swamp bokeh's light in the mirror foot among white sand Pesona Air Terjun Kapas Biru Lumajang a snail walking on the mossy wood in the jungle a white crane standing on the rock in the swamp DSC0194 a white heron standing in a swamp in afternoon a green frog on a banana leaf in the garden in afternoon a pink flower petal of lotus in the swamp some men playing rafting in the river that flanked by cave in the afternoon the miniatur of a yellow jeep in the rocks region beautiful scenery of sunset on the big rocky beach a white heron birds flying low above swamp water splash of tomato in the glass with blue light in the dark two Indonesian Female farmers planting rice in the fields in the afternoon a guy who yoga's training facing to ocean on the beach a father smilling  accompany his daughter swimming in white black picture An Indonesian Man Walking at The Flooded Street, Black and White Photo a brown grasshopper on a leaf in the park in afternoon red wine in white background an adorable baby on the bet the little pure river with big rocks in the middle of the jungle a glass of coffe milk on the cup the silly face of baby boy without clothes the scenery of indonesian forest from above in the afternoon a yellow snail standing on the turtle that swimming on the swamp in the afternoon a little snail standing on the small turtle in the swamp