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a snail hanging on a branch of a tree disguising of a green grasshopper on leaves in the jungle an old father fishing in the river standing on the bridge in afternoon a pair of orange butterflies in the garden in afternoon a beautiful butterfly on the flower a green pupa before turning into a butterfly gravel in the afternoon a brown grasshopper on a leaf in the park in afternoon A Bee Flying and Carrying A Bluebottle Dead Body, Animal Portrait a bee carries flying  child in the garden in afternoon a little snail standing on the small turtle in the swamp pink daisy on the water a yellow butterfly perching on a flower in the rain a fly on a leaf teo dragonfly making love in the swamp a brown beetle on a leaf Flies Making Love on a leaf in the rain garlic, red onion, cayenne red pepper and ginger in black  a colorful butterfly "papilio domelus" perching on a flower dew on a stem a frog on the banana leaf in the jungle A Bluebottle Perching on A Small Branch, Close Photo Stock Photo - Insect