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Someone praying to Jesus christ and Maria statue Katedral church in Indonesia Great Mosque of Central Java in Indonesia three doves perching on the roof of the house in the afternoon a young lady doctor wearing white blazer and holding a blue book giving advise to her  patient who wearing glasses Great Mosque Tuban The charm of Rafflesia arnoldii tourist visiting castle in the afternoon three young girl wearing Indonesian traditional clothes deliver  indonesian traditional dance on the beach visitors watching borobudur temple with lamp decoration in the night A Liitle girl indonesian wearing moeslim clothes smilling next to a green bag in the garden in afternoon Balinese wearing traditional clothes facing to the sea  praying on the beach in the afternoon party of yellow colour run in the morning Indonesian Children looking at the camera with their style shrubs background in the afternoon MG9786 a old big building in classic photo a sexy teenager  woman and a little girl sitting on the street kidding each other in the parking area the silhouette of Prambanan temple in the dusk a girl wearing traditional clothing  in festival  traditional indonesia in the afternoon the silhouette of city buildings and the river in sunset Kathedral church in jakarta Kota Tua region in jakarta in the day a window from traditional house in Indonesia a minang man playing the drum in an event