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Pontianak tourist attractions at Keraton sambas beautiful river A professional goalkeeper on a field ready to shoot the ball many puppet statues in the traditional market some men showing KUDA LUMPING in the middle of society in an event in the afternoon action punakawan two young people with white shirt and black pants riding bicycle in the traffic a monkey wearing mask playing with toy motorcycle called "topeng Monyet"  in the afternoon a small green white frog perching on a small wooden branch in the jungle gymnastics of women in the courtyard on sunday morning a man using a ladder to climbing an old ship in the afternoon the silhouette of giant ferish wheel in the sunset party of yellow colour run in the morning a old big building in classic photo a green frog on a banana leaf in the garden in afternoon A Lot of Yellow Bananas on a Box Ready to Sell a pair of lovers who get ready to display its attractions feris wheels full colour in the playground indonesia in afternoon makepung (the tradition of cow racing in bali) a foreign football player in indonesian's league running in the training in afternoon a foreign football player of Borneo Fc in the training session an Indonesian football Player controlling the ball in the training session in afternoon