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Last Destination Harimau Macan Putih Burung Kakaktua Putih Burung Kakaktua Hitam A view of Jakarta City at night light building A landscape of buildings at Jakarta capital city Indonesia A view of buildings in the afternoon at Jakarta, Indonesia An amazing view of Jakarta, Indonesia at sunset A landscape of Istiqlal mosque at Jakarta, Indonesia A landscape of mosque yard in the morning Keraton sambas historical building at Pontianak, Kerambas Properties of Keraton Sambas historical cannon gun Indonesia, Pontianak Historical heritage properties of Keraton Sambas Pontianak Pontianak tourist attractions at Keraton sambas beautiful river Property of Keraton Sambas Bedstead Pontianak, Indonesia A historical picture of Keraton sambas living room A landscape of gate entrance of Keraton Sambas Indonesia, Pontianak A portrait of javanese traditional culture Beautiful Javanese sinden Women wearing traditional clothes An afternoon view of intersection road of Gumul Kabupaten Kediri, Jawa Timur Outdoor view at Mosque of Central Java Indonesia in the afternoon Reflection of boats and a truck at the dock, Semarang People gathering at Indonesian festival convoy A man with black glasses at traditional festival An Indonesian crowd of supporters at football stadium Indonesian People are ready to pray together Beautiful Indonesian girl pretty model wearing black dress sexy outdoor Traditional mask dance of Indonesia at local festival Beautiful Bandung forest landscape nature view Indonesia at sunset A monkey standing on the stone with nature background forest in Bogor Indonesia