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baby falls asleep wearing white clothes, hold momy baby falls asleep wearing white clothes, hold his parent A man plays violin wearing javanese clothes A portrait of elder wearing traditional clothes Beautiful Javanese sinden Women wearing traditional clothes Black clothes hanger hanging on bedroom Indonesian women wearing traditional clothes and hat beautiful Girls walking together wearing Indonesian traditional clothes Indonesian men gathering around wearing traditional clothes  a girl wearing black long shirt closing her mouth with two her hands  a girl giving sign Love in her hand  an indonesian teenager woman with long hair wearing long black shirt feellings stomach ache an indonesian hijab fashionable girl sitting looking to the camera under  big tree  in the park in afternoon three young girl wearing Indonesian traditional clothes deliver  indonesian traditional dance on the beach gymnastics of women in the courtyard on sunday morning an indonesian mother wearing hijab holding her daughter in the afternoon Culture of Bali dance Topeng Prembon A Balinese Mother Smiling Wearing Traditional Clothes Holding Her Baby Boy in the Garden a Indonesian beautiful girl wearing Moeslim clothes looking praying at to the sky in the afternoon A Fashionable Beautiful Indonesian Girl Standing Against the Fence Wearing Blue White Dress High Heel Shoes OOTD in Park A Liitle girl indonesian wearing moeslim clothes smilling next to a green bag in the garden in afternoon Balinese wearing traditional clothes facing to the sea  praying on the beach in the afternoon a official parking wearing  orange vest and black hat symbolize peace in his left hand in the parking area in afternoon old indonesian man wearing a blue traditional hat sitting beside the desk market table "Otak-Otak" on the roadside in afternoon a indonesian man wearing black white shoes and black pants walking  on the sidewalk in afternoon an old man wearing Batik clothes squatting holding a knife on his right hand and banana on his left hand in the walkside a beautiful little girl smilling  fashionable style in the studio